[Atualização] Zhuhai – Nova Pista no RaceRoom

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[Atualização] Zhuhai – Nova Pista no RaceRoom

Mensagem por Admin em Ter Mar 20, 2018 12:56 am

A Sector3 realizou no dia 15/03/2018 a atualização do mês de Março e anunciou o lançamento do Circuito Internacional de Zuhai.

Aqui fica a lista das actualizações realizadas:


Added support for Thrustmaster TS PC Racer in “Advanced Mode”
Added support for colored rev LED’s on Fanatec CSL Steering wheel P1 (Xbox & PS4)
Game now properly clears the digits shown on the display of Fanatec rims upon closing.
Turned off Fanatec’s built-in auto-centering of the wheel.
Increased the default steering lock for gamepad users to 13 after feedback that 8 was too low.
Cut penalties are now decided by the game when the car has rejoined the track at racing speed, preventing cases where a penalty could sometimes be handed out to a car in an unfair manner.
Fixed incident reporting in Multiplayer results that would list all incidents in one and unique lap.
Fixed a case where a player could sometimes be handed a penalty upon spawning on the grid for the race start.
Fixed a case where “DRS Activated” HUD message could remain stuck on screen when manually shutting DRS off.
Fixed a case where player was unable to repair a broken front wing in Formula X-17, US or 2.
Fixed a timing issue on tracks like Nordschleife VLN / 24H that would occur when player did an outlap after pitting.
AI – Improved fuel calculations for pitstop decisions
AI – Improved tyre wear calculations for pit decisions
AI – Fixed a wrong AI behavior where it would fail to brake when caught out of fuel
AI – Further improvements to their behaviour when cars are on different lines.
AI – Improved pitlane entering behaviour on tracks such as Silverstone where AI could be sometimes seen braking in the middle of the track to make it into the pitlane entrance.
AI – Various DRS and Push to Pass logic improvements
AI – Fixed a case where, on track layouts like Nordschleife VLN, AI could sometimes be seen having trouble avoiding cars coming out of pitlane.
AI – Fixed a case where, in a replay, the data display in the cockpit camera would not match what the AI is doing.
AI – Fixed so refueling is always allowed in practice / qualifying, no matter the car class, preventing AI’s of classes like DTM being caught running out of fuel on longer sessions
AI – Allowed AI to enter pitlane through any entrance if more than one exists (i.e. – VLN / 24H Nordschleife)
Reduced the dropping / bouncing that could occur when car is spawning on track
Triple Screen – Improvement to the balance between clipping through objects close to camera and flickering of distant textures.
VR – Fixed a case where shadows would not render within a certain perimeter around the player.
VR – Fixed some window textures not showing transparency when they should
VR – Race ending phase no longer shows a moving TV camera
Massive update to french localization in both game and portal sides.

Sound, Physics & AI:

Audi V8 DTM ‘92 – Fixed an issue with rate at which the tires were getting worn
BMW M1 Procar – Adjusted AI braking distances
Group 5 cars – Adjusted AI braking distances
GTO cars – Adjusted AI braking distances
Formula RaceRoom X-17 – Fixed engine that could easily overheat and take damage.
Formula RaceRoom 2 – Improved AI’s respect for opponents.
GTR 3 cars – Fixed engine temperature and damage from overheating. Reduced fuel usage.
Porsche 911 GT3 R – Adjusted placement of hood camera in triple screen
WTCC 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 – Reduced fuel usage
Laguna Seca – Fixed AI cutting through the sand when exiting the pitlane through the turn 1 road.
Lausitzring GP – Fixed AI that was always a bit slow on the newly added GP layout
Macau – Improved speed at which AI enters pitlane.
Road America – Moved starting position for leaderboard challenges further towards the S/F line to avoid getting next lap invalidated when doing a mistake in turn 12.
Zandvoort – Improvements to cut rules to prevent getting penalties when exiting pitlane and rejoining track in a wild fashion.


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